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Need to fix a flat tire? We can do that. We’ll put on your spare or tow your car. It is always a best practice to call a professional like Mohica Towing to provide the support, tools, and skills necessary in such situations. Our drivers have experience with a large array of vehicle manufacturers and models. If you do not have a spare tire, our professionals can tow you to the car dealership, mechanic garage, or other destination of your choice.

What to Do If You Experience a Flat Tire

If you get stuck with a flat tire in the desert,
please give us a call at (760) 324-1414.

In the meanwhile, you should get properly prepared by doing the following:

1. Turn the hazard lights on and ensure that the car that needs the flat tire repair is parked in the most level area possible and that the parking brake is on. It is also important to be right off the road to avoid the danger of being hit by a passing car.

2. Do you have a spare tire? The spare tire can be found in the trunk along with the lug nut wrench and car jack.



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