Here are the things you need to know before you
pick up an impounded vehicle:

If your vehicle is stored here at our facility per a police matter here are a few things you need to be aware of:

  • Your vehicle has been Stored/Impounded per a police matter. These matters need to be resolved prior to pick up of vehicle.

  • If a Customer decides to leave the Vehicle because of damage’s and/or value complications, the customer is still Liable for the Towing fees that have accrue.

a) Prior to five (5) days of storage the vehicle title will be accepted in order to cover the Storage costs. You are still responsible for Towing and/or Recovery Fee. A receipt will be provided to customer for Release of Liability purposes.
b) After the fifth (5th) day the Title of the Vehicle may still be accepted but Customer is Liable for all fees accrued including but not limited to Towing and Recovery, Clean up, Storage, and Lien Processing. All fees are governed by Law Enforcement Agency pertaining to the Vehicles Storage/Impound reasoning.

  • All vehicles stored at our facility for over three (3) days are subject to a Lien Sale Fee. This Fee is to protect the Tow Company from customers not taking responsibility for their vehicle while it is being stored. Fee’s range from $70 – $100 set by the DMV.

  • All “Registered Owners” including previous owners of the vehicle will be notified of storage.

  • Customers that have not reclaimed after five days may be subject to their Credit File being affected. A credit protection notice will be sent to the Registered Owner of the vehicle.

  • If vehicle is not reclaimed prior to Lien Sale date. The Vehicle will be sold. The Registered Owner of the vehicle will be sent to a Collections Agency in order to recover fees not covered by the sale.


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