Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle Towing

One can never anticipate a breakdown or an accident however you can arm and prepare yourself by keeping Mohica’s Towing number in your car. Our motorcycle towing and roadside assistance services protect riders, their bikes, and the motorcycle lifestyle. So ride whenever you choose knowing Mohica is there for you.

Mohica Towing is always at your service. Ride with the freedom of knowing that the Greater Palm Springs Area’s most reliable motorcycle towing and roadside assistance providers will be there should you need us. No matter what type bike you own—cruiser, sport, touring, dual-purpose, standard, or dirt—you can depend on us for superior services and unbeatable rates. Enjoy the freedom of the road knowing that Mohica Towing got your back. As a consumer, you should expect that a premium tow company use equipment that was specifically designed to handle one thing and one thing only—motorcycles.

The Mohica professionals take motorcycles seriously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our drivers, technicians, and mechanics service riders in Greater Palm Springs Area and its suburbs. Mohica Towing performs all types of roadside assistance and towing services for motorcycles.

Mohica takes great care in motorcycle loading and are the most dedicated and careful in the desert. Our safety precautions are second to none. We use state-of-the-art winches, decks, straps, and attachments, and we will ensure that your motorcycle gets to your destination promptly without scratches, extra fees period. Every rider experiences roadside emergencies sooner or later, but no matter what the nature of your situation, we’ll get you back on the road.



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